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She blinked at the elf beside her at the bar.

“Save me?”

“Yes, save you.”

“From what exactly?’

“Not from what but for what?”


She paused and tried desperately not to rise to the bait.


She failed.


“For what exactly?”

“The afterlife of course.  The eternal reward.”


Damn elves.  You never knew what you were going to get with elves.  And damn her love of pretty men. Just…damn.


“I think your idea of an eternal reward and mine are a bit different.  Mine involves fangs.”

“You wish the change?”

“When I find the right one, yes that is exactly what I want.”

“And if you never find the right one?”

“Well,” she grinned evilly “at least the hunt was fun.”

His return look of boredom peaked her interest.

“That is a fools errand.  The change never delivers what it promises.”


She looked at him steadily. “ You sound as if you have experience, but that is impossible, elves can’t be changed.”


“Elves can be changed, but not completely, so we revert back.”


Interesting.  She wasn’t even sure she could be changed.  Her nature was already predator, so there was a more than decent chance that it wouldn’t work on her, but she pressed on.  Changelings were so much fun to tease and the sex was amazing! Aw dammit, she had gone and gotten interested in this elf.  She so didn’t need this.


“Wow, that would totally, and completely suck.” She grinned slightly at her semi-unintended pun.

He was not amused.

“This is no game.  This is also no way to live your life.  I have seen your like and watched them fall into the Pit never to be seen again.  Mark my words. You will not last long in this place with your easy morals and playful banter.  This place will eat you alive.”


“Are you through?”


He nodded, looking at me as if I had finally gotten his attention for the first time since he sat beside me and started his soul saving spiel.  Well, what do you know, maybe this might be fun after all.


“In this place you dare to judge me?  Really? You know nothing about me.  If you have been in this place as long as you act as if you have, how could you dare to think you know the first thing about me.  You have seen my kind before?  Look around you, you have never seen the kind of half of the beings in this Inn!  So, by all means, you sit beside strangers and roll out your beliefs, which you don’t even seem to believe anymore, and decide who, or more importantly, what these people are.  I would love to see how that works out for you.”


He smirked at me.


“They told me you had a brain and a fiery mouth to match it.   How intriguing.”


“They who?” I glared at him with intensity that masked my instant mortification.  I had been played.


“Your parents of course.”




“Yeah, no, I just don’t think so.  You can try to take me back.  Try.”


“They have no wish to have you back.  They just want the family name protected from whatever trouble you get yourself into.”


He knew what I was.  He knew…wait a minute, Mom and Dad didn’t want me back?


Inexplicably my eyes welled with tears. Damn it.


The elf in front of me froze.  I imagine that this is the last response he ever expected from me.  Inside my triumph of flummoxing the elf and the pain of his pronouncement warred. I stared at him for a few moments more then silently got up and walked out of the inn.  I had learned a few rules from my father, the most important being, always leave with the upper hand.

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